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Frequently asked questions


Is Electrolysis permanent?

     Yes! Electrolysis is a series of treatments to each individual hair follicle. Once the papilla (at the root of the hair) is completely sealed off from the blood supply a new hair will never grow again. You can help this process along by ceasing all current hair removal methods that tamper with the follicle and by maintaining a regular treatment schedule.



Is Electrolysis painful?

     Most individuals feel a mild discomfort, that is more annoying than painful. However, this is also dependent upon the  tolerance level of each person. The current used during your treatments is adjustable based on your comfort level and the energy required to epilate (remove) the hair. For sensitive areas  topical numbing creams are available behind the counter at  your local pharmacy.  



How long does it take to be hair free?

     There are many factors that directly affect how long it will take to permanently remove the unwanted hair. How quickly you finish will depend greatly on your dedication to the process. Puberty, menopause, hormonal imbalances and even some medications are all factors that contribute to excess hair growth. Your treatment duration will be determined by the above factors, your tolerance level and commitment. It doesn’t take long to see your results; progress can be measured by the growth of the hair slowing down and weakening until it eventually stops altogether.



Where on the body can I get Electrolysis?

Electrolysis can be performed on the following areas:


                                                               -Full face including eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and cheeks 






-Hands and fingers


-Bikini line


-Feet and toes

-Shoulders and Back



What if some of the hair seems to return after it has been treated?

     In the area being treated, all of the hairs to be treated do not grow all at one time. Hair grows in a cycle where the hairs growing in will be ones that had not appeared in previous treatments. If you have been removing the hair by waxing, threading or tweezing this will cause the hair to become coarser and more deeply rooted.  These strong coarse hairs will require several treatments to seal off the blood supply.


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